AT THE BEAUTIFUL BLUE DANUBE - Johann Strauss II (composed 1866-67)

Vienna is Austria's Federal Capital and is home of 1.7 million people. For centuries, Vienna imperial capital and imperial residence of the Habsburgs and thus as capital of the Holy Roman Empire, the Empire of Austria and one of the two main cities of Austria-Hungary a cultural and political center of Europe.

The old town of Vienna, which is characterized by the Habsburg reign, as well as the Schönbrunn Palace was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. St. Stephen's Cathedral, next to the Ferris wheel in the Prater and other attractions a landmark of Vienna, overlooked as one of the tallest buildings in the city and the metropolitan church downtown.

Vienna is a city with a high quality of life. In the international Mercer study 2014 - the quality of life was compared in 221 cities worldwide, Vienna reached the sixth time in a row the first rank.

Get inspired from this wonderful city, annual highlights in Vienna are the New Year's concert, the Vienna Ice Dream, Ice Joy directly infront of the Town Hall and the Summer Night Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the beautiful setting in front of Schönbrunn Palace.

Our Enziana Hotel Vienna is located in the 3rd district of Vienna (1030 Vienna)

This district is divided into 3 communities: Landstrasse, Erdberg and Weissgerber, thus the district coat of arms is divided into 3 parts. We are located in the community Landstrasse, which is symbolized by Saint Nicholas shown on the top left.

St. Nicholas stands on green meadow, wearing a silver skirt with red coat. In his right hand he holds a book with 3 golden balls on it and in his left hand a crook. In the fourth century, he is said to have given them away to the daughters of an impoverished nobleman to free his daughters as street girls. St. Nicholas was the patron of the convent St. Nicholas, which was formerly on the roadThe community name Landstrasse derived from former pull-through Roman road. "Landstrazz" appears in 1302, first documented in the books.