The building of ENZIANA HOTEL VIENNA was sold on 07/01/2014 and is in private hands of the successful Viennese entrepreneur Erich Podstatny.

Why did we choose the name ENZIANA HOTEL VIENNA?

The name is derived from ENZIAN-A, we associate the plant Enzian with natural alpine and Austrian tradition. We want to create for you a rural oasis in the middle of the big city – the ENZIANA HOTEL VIENNA. Country or city holiday? Enjoy with us an unique combination of both.
At ENZIANA HOTEL VIENNA, we combine tradition with modernity, and do not want to be put into any category. There are many hotels in Vienna, but we love and live it differently. Let yourself be carried away by our enthusiasm and

"The true art of life is to see the miraculous in the everyday"

(Pearl S. Buck, successful author, Nobel Prize 1938 f. Literature)

Our present time is moving faster and faster and impersonal - and this is exactly why we reflect on old values, tradition, the power of nature and region. We want to bring our Austria a little bit closer to tourists than the usual city break and for locals, we have a bit rural home in the middle of Vienna. Hospitality and family atmosphere differ us significantly from hotel chains. We leave standards for all others! Do you like it well outside the norm? SERVUS TO ENZIANA HOTEL VIENNA

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